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The Pond at Upton Pyne Jem Southam March 2024

The pond at Upton Pyne formed at the site of an eighteenth-century manganese mine. Located on land owned by a local family who were involved in the mining venture, the first excavations began in 1788. It was originally an open-cast mine employing just a few men who worked with ladders, picks, shovels. The quality of the ore in the lode was rich, and once refined it was shipped from Exeter Quay to London and Bristol where it was used predominantly in the production of glass. After a bright start the output of the mine steadily diminished and by 1823 it had ceased production, leaving a large pit, shallow on the east side near the road and becoming deeper towards the west, where it is overhung by a cliff...

Jem Southam

The Pond at Upton Pyne by Jem Southam is on view at
Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur,
Cologne, March 2 – July 7, 2024 

The Pond at Upton Pyne
Jem Southam

Images and words by Jem Southam
Hardcover, blue-green cloth
29,5 x 24,3 cm
Offset (color),100 pages, 48 ill.

Design by
Filippo Nostri and Anna Biagetti

Image editing by
Michele Buda and Luca Nostri

First edition
Published by Imagebeeld Edition, March 2024
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© 2024 Jem Southam, text and photographs

ISBN 978-2-9603090-7-2

Printed by Artigiana grafica, Montegalda (VI)
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Photos: Filippo Nostri Studio

Jem Southam was born in Bristol, England in 1950 and studied photography at the London College of Printing. He has lived and made his photographic works in the South West of England ever since, earning a living in art galleries and art colleges, and is now an emeritus Professor of Photography at Plymouth University.

He is known for his colour landscape photographs, his trademark is the patient observation of a site over many years, during which time he constructs intricate sequences of pictures which explore the historical and mythical narratives embedded in the specific site. His work combines topographical observation with other references: personal, cultural, political, scientific, literary and psychological. Southam's working method combines the predetermined and the intuitive. Seen together, his series suggest the forging of pathways towards visual and intellectual resolution.

Southam is known for his use of large format cameras, however recently he has begun to explore the possibilities of digital systems which has seen a significant and unexpected shift in his practice.  A recent book, Four Winters published by StanleyBarker, features photographs taken on a single bend of a river, photographed at dawn and dusk.

His published works include: The Red River 1989; The Raft of Carrots 1992; Rockfalls, Rivermouths and Ponds 2000; The Painter’s Pool 2004; Clouds Descending 2008; the river/WINTER 2011; The Moth 2018; Four Winters 2022; The Harbour 2023; The Pond at Upton Pyne 2024. 

His work is held in:  The MET NY; The Getty LA; Tate London; V&A London; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.